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Ovovita Fit

The line of natural products based upon liquid and powder chicken egg white, is extremely well absorbed by a human organism. Chicken egg white is rich with amino-acids which are indispensable for muscle building processes and also influences the speed of metabolism processes, the fact in a positive manner influences burning of fat.
Ovovita Fit products are 100% natural. They do not contain any additional sugar, artificial sweeteners or taste aromas, preservatives or any other additives. Divergent to any other similar products available upon the market Ovovita Fit egg white is also lactose free. Thanks to the process of pasteurisation applied during the process of manufacturing the product is safe if consumed without any further heat processing.
The described product line is directed to all those to whom healthy lifestyle is important, who are physically active and who want to be fit, as well as to those who prefer high protein or low caloric diets. The products are ideal in the process of preparation of high protein cocktails, nutrients, omelettes or any other practice and exercise session supporting snacks