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Informacje o certyfikatach i nagrodach firmy Ovovoita - polskiego producenta jaj

Microbiological pureness constitute the main problem of the egg and egg product sector.
Considering the above claim all applied methods of activity are aimed at the attainment of control over all manufacturing phases.
Thus in the process of the creation of structure of the company and organisation of work methods we have devoted our utmost attention at the issues of quality and microbiological safety of all our products.

certyfikowana produkcja jaj Firma Ovovita kontrola jakości produkowanych naturalnych pasz badania mikrobiologiczne dla jaj kurzych Ovovoita badania parametru fizykochemiczne produktów jajecznych Wysoka jakość jaj firmy Ovovita

Thanks to the fact that the activity of the company of OVOVITA encompasses not only processing but also raising layers and chicks as well as manufacturing eggs, we posses constant influence upon the quality of the final product from the very beginning of hatching of a chick.
Feeding and raising chicks within specially designed interiors, constant supervision performed by Sanepid and Veterinary Inspection services, systematic verification of quality of all own manufactured natural fodders i.e. manufactured within own fodder mixing plant - all of the aforementioned phases and activities guarantee adequate supervision not only upon the processing manufacturing phase but also –what is of extraordinary importance – upon within the phase of production and maturity of the applied resources.

We possess a specialist equipped laboratory at our disposal, where there take place every day quality control of both final products as well as of the resources subjected to further processing. Thanks to such fact we are able to execute, amongst others antibiotic and sulphonamide presence analyses.

We also convey microbiological examinations with regards to the presence of:

  • enterobacteriaceae bacteria in 1 g;
  • salmonella in 25 g;
  • coagulase-positive staphylococci in 1g;
  • coagulase-positive staphylococci in 1g;
We examine physical and chemical characteristics of products, such as for instance:
  • fat content;
  • glucose content;
  • dry mass content;
  • pH level;
  • solubility of yolk, white and whole egg powder;
  • the coefficient of foaming of white egg in powder;
  • durability of foam after 2 hours;
  • gelling strength;
  • emulsification capability;
  • taste and smell
All verification examinations are executed within the Veterinary Hygiene Institute (Zakład Higieny Weterynaryjnej).
Systematic laboratory control as well as the observance of the HACCP system principles translate to the highest final quality of products, which win the recognition of domestic as well as foreign recipients.
The company works in accordance with the procedures of implemented and certified integrated quality management programme in accordance with the provisions of such standards as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000: 2005 and BRC vs 7 standard.
We possess the quality certificate for ecological manufacturing (BIO). We possess the possibility to manufacture kosher as well as to execute manufacturing processes in accordance with the principles of Islam – Halal