Fodder mixing plant and egg farm

Establishment and development of egg farm have taken place with the application of modern technologies applied both in chick feeding plant and in hen houses as well as within the fodder mixing plant.

A central computer controls all technological processes starting from feeding chickens, through collection of eggs up to steering the interior climate of all buildings.

The highest quality of eggs constitutes the effect of restrictive control of all manufacturing phases:

  • feeding chicks – one day all chicks are moved to the specially prepared feeding plant buildings, which ensure the optimal atmosphere of development to the birds;
  • fodder manufacturing plant – own fodder mixing plant allows for the adequate looking after over the process of feeding hens and chickens; fodder is balanced solely from natural ingredients;
  • layer feeding – birds are kept in buildings equipped amongst others with hen roost and hen beds, interior chicken runs with bedding (upon a mat), intimate beds with a curtain, where hens lay eggs or with slats helping the birds to get rid of the surplus of claw length. All of the aforementioned amenities ensure maximum resemblance to the natural breeding and living conditions and meet all of the applicable Polish and European standards.