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Informacje o certyfikatach i nagrodach firmy Ovovoita - polskiego producenta jaj

We are a Polish, family owned company, with 25 years of experience in egg industry.

The beginning of our activity has been constituted by the establishment towards the end of 1980s of Prawda Layer Ferm (Ferma Niosek Prawda), which over the years have become one of the largest manufacturers of consumption eggs in Poland. The highest quality of our eggs constitute the effect of controlling of all manufacturing phases starting from feeding chicks and fodder mixing plant. Each and every day we supply about a million of fresh eggs to various Networks of Markets and Stores all over Poland.

The further step in the development of our company has been constituted by the erection of a comprehensive and fully equipped egg processing plant of OVOVITA. Within the 2006 established factory thanks to the modern machine park a few million of eggs is processed to liquid, dried as well as cooked egg products each day. Some eggs processed in our plant are manufactured by our own farms the fact that differentiates us from our immediate competition.

The recipients of egg products are constituted by wholesalers, bakeries, pastry, noodle and mayonnaise manufacturers, companies from the Ho-Re-Ca sector, food industry concerns home and abroad.